Old thoughts…

Going thru an old journal I came across these words…  Not sure what was going on then (06-24-1996) but these are the words that came out…  From what I wrote, it seems we were in a blackout as I wrote that I was writing this by the light of an oil lamp (yes, I own and use an oil lamp) and apparently it was not very warm that night (thankfully)…

“it is dark and still…  even the traffic is quieter – what a luxury electricity – can’t eat (well, can’t cook) – found people out tonight searching for some light – some power…  I guess that’s what we are all searching for – power and light.

the light leads you to God and His power.  God’s power is love!  He can’t stop wars.  He can’t heal everyone.  He can’t make all that is wrong – right.

He can help us help each other.  He can teach us love.  Through love anything is possible.

He loved us so – He gave his son.  His son loved us – so he gave his life.  What have you given out of love?

comfort, love, friendship, strength – a quiet smile, just being there!

what have I received?  that a thousand times over.  love from a great group of people.  confidence to try something new.  knowledge that it’ll be okay.”


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