That’s what’s on TV right now…  Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is on…  Random title, random thoughts.

This week has been tough for the DC area.  A young star of  the Washington Redskins was murdered in his own house in Florida!  In his own house.  Sean Taylor had a bit of a stormy youth but by all accounts he had turned things around since the birth of his daughter 18 months ago.  Don’t we get second chances?  Can’t we grow up and overcome decisions we made in the past?  How the life of someone so young with so much promise can just end, so violently – it’s just not fair.  

Also, we’ve lost over 10 more young lives in the last couple of weeks in car accidents!  A high school sophomore died this morning in an accident – and two friends are in the hopsital in serious condition.  WHY do kids think it won’t happen to me – and just forget everything they know is right – and show off or goof off for/and with their friends.  It’s not worth it!

Life is so precious and it can be snuffed out in an instant – why can’t kids realize this (oops there’s a “dangling” something – yes, english is my first language)…  I work with youth at church and worry about what they do when out in the world.  We talk alot about choices and decisions and I know they will test their wings – I just hope they don’t crash and burn in the process.

That’s my rambling for today…  I pray for the family and friends of Sean Taylor, may he rest in Peace…  I also pray for the families and friends of the teenagers who have died recently… 


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