Why I blog…

I don’t know.  Maybe through writing I will discover the meaning of life?  Or figure out the meaning of my life?  Does it really have to be all that deep or can it just be random ramblings…  Well, I suppose since it’s mine, it’ll be whatever I decide from day to day.

Today, its about the Writer’s Guild Strike…  STOP IT!!  Everyone get together and be honest and give the Writer’s their due – but don’t bankrupt the studios in the process!  Isn’t there a way to determine the percentage of what the writers should earn off of digital, DVD and other media distribution…  There has to be a way to come to a equitable resolution – quickly.

This comes up because I am watching a very old episode of The Office, and there’s a rerun of Grey’s Anatomy on the other channel!  Enough!  Talk, negotiate and work this out!


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