Army Navy Game!

It was not the win the Black Knights wanted, but the commraderie and rivalry and paegentry and honor of the day overshadows the loss. 

The Middies and Cadets are SO young (its not that I’m getting older)! Yes, they are college students – but the decision the current corps make is SO adult! SO informed (yes, we are at war!). SO honorable…  I am in awe and thank them, all who have come before and all who will come after for their willingness to serve this country.  Many service men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice, but all (for whatever reason) have made the decision to serve their country and protect our freedom…  For that I thank them! 

Spent the day with A, her dad and E.  Great day with great friends…  Long day! We left at about 7:45 and got home around 9:30…  Used Tom Tom to navigate!  That thing is AWSOME!  I love technology!

That’s it for now…  Great day and tomorrow will be here very soon!  I’m acolyte at 7:30, so more later.


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