Am I really working on my second cold in as many weeks?!!?  I got my flu shot, I can usually make it thru the winter without even getting a cold!  What is up with this!?!?  Geez.  This is just darned crazy!


This photo is of a very cool band called “Ryan Shupe and his Rubber Band.”  They played at last year’s Stampin’ UP! Convention in Denver.  They were very cute and very good.  This shot is of theem each playing the guitar or banjo of the guy next to them (look closely) and the guy on the fiddle is the drummer!  He was great!  Those guys didn’t know what to do in a room of about 3,000 screaming women!  Cross between a dream and a nightmare probably…

Anyhow – just sharing random shots taken in my life…  Not sure if I have something for this week’s “Photo Hunt” subject, “narrow” – I’m still looking…


Have I run out of things to say?

I’ve not known what to write over the past couple of weeks.  I participated in a training exercise for a friend’s Parish Discernment Committee the weekend before last and it has left me rather unsettled…  I suppose that what happens when God’s trying to get your attention – but to what end?  What am I supposed to do?  There’s a gnawing that I need to be doing something, but I’m not sure what it is (right now I know I’m supposed to be working at the job that pays for the roof over my head)…  So I guess I’ll get back to it…  more later?  but for now, a photo… 

Basil’s got the right idea…  when in doubt – take a nap!


YAY Snow!

It snowed today!  It’s very pretty, but now it’s all slushy…  The snow turned to rain…  One of the joys of WFT (“work from home” – don’t ask) is that morning traffic and weather don’t really matter!  There’s usually not too much of a back-up between the bedroom and the kitchen and then back upstairs to the office…  I have fresh milk, plenty of ground coffee (*$$ Christmas Blend) and whole beans (Caffe Vita Queen City Blend mail ordered from Seattle)…  Plenty of pastries and breaskfast foods in the freezer.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!

I took a photo of the snow and emailed it to a colleage who telecommutes from San Diego.  She said it looked pretty and southern CA was nice and sunny… but she said it was a little chilly so the furnace was on.  I said – um, chilly?  60s?  She responded, “Ya, probably.  California wimps.”  She said it, I didn’t.

Today’s snow is moving north to New England – they know what to do with snow!  One day stuck in the house, then the roads are clear and that’s it…  Happy Winter to all!

dsc05608.jpg  My view of the world when I’m working…

Annual Chili Bowl!

Woo!!  I good time was had by all (I think)…  Over the last 10-12 years, our church has held a Chili cook-off which we call the “The Chili Bowl.”  Different groups/organizations in the church community enter chili and the folks “vote with their money” – that’s the “People’s Choice Award.”  There is also a Judge’s Choice award.  We have awards for Best Presentation, a somewhat new award for Best Performance and this year we had a Rookie of the Year Award.

We had 13 chili entries and they ranged from vegetarian to chicken to beef, beans and no beans (which is the way proper chili is made!).  I find it interesting that you have 13 people bringing chili and they are all very different!  That can also happen when you ask five people to bring chicken salad or something else – and you get five very different  dishes.

Anyhow, I think the best entry was a couple who’ve been coming to church for about four weeks – and they decided to enter the competition to meet people in the church.  How cool is that!  They were the winners of the Rookie of the Year Award.  I’d like to thank them for stepping out like that and taking a chance – I hope they met lots of people and stay with us! 

And J2A won the People’s Choice again after a one year hiatus!  Woo!!  🙂


well, if weekend is one word, why not have one word for the beginning…  well, I guess that’s just “Monday.”

It was a busy weekend, and the details will probably be broken into numerous postings (that way maybe I’ll remember to write each day?).

 Saturday was the annual Ladies Tea…  It’s a wonderful event where we can all stop moving so fast and enjoy tea and tea sandwiches and yummy sweets and delightful company and conversation…  Most of the ladies are from church and it seems that when you see folks on Sunday you about (well, ok, I have) about 2.5 minutes to say “Hello” as I’m running off to teach Sunday School…  This “Tea” is an opportunity to really sit and chat (or stand and chat) and really find out how people are doing. 

I neglected to mention that best part of the event is always the hats!  Ladies in HATS!  Hats of all shapes and sizes.  Sunday go to meetin’ hats, baseball caps festooned with flowers (well, maybe not festooned as none were suspended in a loop  – but sounds better than safety-pinned!)…  Summer hats, Winter hats, Spring hats and Fall!  It was great.

I did not wear a hat; having a freakishly large head, they are hard to find.  Maybe if I start now, I can find one for next year…

Anyone the event brings back a slower time, and time to enjoy being with people, sipping tea and solving the problems of the world – who knew – all it takes is tea and good friends.

Photo Hunt: Delicious


new obsession?  more things to do on the internets when I should be doing something else?  probably…  but here goes…  this week’s topic is “delicious.”

This shot is from dinner in Berlin last summer…  luckily there was a bit of a walk after – to work off a couple of the calories…  not nearly enough of the calories but that’s another story…

bon appetit!  (it was!)