YAY Snow!

It snowed today!  It’s very pretty, but now it’s all slushy…  The snow turned to rain…  One of the joys of WFT (“work from home” – don’t ask) is that morning traffic and weather don’t really matter!  There’s usually not too much of a back-up between the bedroom and the kitchen and then back upstairs to the office…  I have fresh milk, plenty of ground coffee (*$$ Christmas Blend) and whole beans (Caffe Vita Queen City Blend mail ordered from Seattle)…  Plenty of pastries and breaskfast foods in the freezer.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!

I took a photo of the snow and emailed it to a colleage who telecommutes from San Diego.  She said it looked pretty and southern CA was nice and sunny… but she said it was a little chilly so the furnace was on.  I said – um, chilly?  60s?  She responded, “Ya, probably.  California wimps.”  She said it, I didn’t.

Today’s snow is moving north to New England – they know what to do with snow!  One day stuck in the house, then the roads are clear and that’s it…  Happy Winter to all!

dsc05608.jpg  My view of the world when I’m working…


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