Good Beans

I really wish I could find coffee beans that are roasted locally – that I like. 

Currently, I order my coffee from a small roaster in (where else?!?) Seattle… Caffe Vita.  I like the Queen City Blend.  It is described as a blend of medium and dark roasted coffees with “hints of cocoa, toasted hazelnut, and vanilla. It has medium body, moderate acidity, and a smooth, buttery finish.”  I can’t really discern the “hints of cocoa, toasted hazelnut and vanilla” – all I can say is that I like it. 

This past time I ordered two lbs. and put one in the fridge as it arrived.  I’d rather not have to do that, but it should hopefully keep it a little fresher a little longer – and as long as I don’t keep taking it out and putting it back in – all should be okay.

I suppose one way would be to start roasting my own coffee and then package and sell it, but we all know that’s just not going to happen (not right now anyhow).  So for now, I will order and have it shipped and always know I have yummy coffee for the morning.


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