WordPress Blog Stats

WordPress has a feature called “Blog Stats” where you can see how people found your blog and what they click on your blog.

The search that brings the most people to my blog is “Who are the Kardashians?”  Hmm…  what does this say about my writing skills and more so about what people are looking for out on the internets!

More about blogging – I think Martha Stewart mentioned a staff member’s name yesterday and said this person was her blogger.  Now, is that kosher?  Can/Should someone blog for you if you have opposable thumbs?  I read a couple of blogs who’s authors are pets – and since they don’t have thumbs, they can’t type.  So, does that mean that famous peoples blogs aren’t for real? 

Isn’t everything you read on the internets real?  Oh well, back to my fantasy world about what is true.


One thought on “WordPress Blog Stats

  1. Ugh! I just wrote my second post on this exact fact. People are weird. I don’t know why they search for shit like that. And the shit that brings them to my site either. Yucky.

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