New Photo

So, we all know I’m crazy – but that’s what’s so endearing about me! 

Anyhoe – I decided to change the photo because believe it or not I was sick of that photo (of paradise!).  This photo is something I’d never seen, growing up in the suburbs and having a pool in the backyard (did I mention we were spoiled too?).

This is a wading pool in Seattle a bunch of blocks north of where M lives.  Everyday during the summer at Noon (I think) a teenage Park and Rec worker comes out with a broom and sweeps out this area.  Then using a tool shuts the drain in the center and then turns on the water.  What had been a big open paved area soon becomes a wading pool.  After it fills to the appropriate depth, they turn off the water and put in a bunch of stuff – I’m sure it’s chlorine and such.  He walks around to agitate the water a bit and then the pool is open.  The kids loved it!  No matter that it was not what I would consider pool weather – they’re three year olds – they don’t care!  Anyhow, after pool time is over, they open the drain and the water is gone until the next day.

Random I know – but I though it was the coolest thing and wanted to share…


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