Hello from Budapest!

We are in Budapest and there have been many adventures along the way.  The weekend in Prague was wonderful!  It is a beautiful city, very walkable (even on cobblestone sidewalks). 

We had adventures with eating and ordering…  First evening in Prague, Chrissie ordered a traditional Bohemian meal (and no, Bohemeia is not dead!) – and she asked for a side order of spinach – and the waiter told her she could not have it because it does not go with the meal – and he would not give it to her.  I ordered the spinach as a side dish and then gave it to Chrissie – hoping that we would not get caught.

A couple of nights later, Kendall ordered a similar dish and asked for a side order of potato pancakes, and the waitress shook her head and said “No.”  Then I ordered my dish and asked if I could have the potato pancakes (my new favorite side dish!) – the waitress took a moment and then said, “Yes, you may have them.”  PHEW!  I had potato pancakes at three different places and they were different at all three places.

More stories later…

2 thoughts on “Hello from Budapest!

  1. Hey now! Remember: The first rule of travel outside the country is “No international incidents”. Please don’t land in jail, as I’m sure they take “Food Court” very seriously over there. Glad to hear y’all are together and having a good time. And, Yes, I wish I was there too!

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