Train trips

It seems train trips are not immune to delays either.  On the overnight train from DC to Boston we had to stop to wait for a draw bridge to lower just before New London CT.  The conductor said it would be a few minutes.  That few minutes turned in to an hour because the bridge would not lower and lock in to place.  After it finally came down, we were on our way – across the bridge…  Then we slowed and stopped.

Apparently the locomotive would not restart and now we needed a new locomotive…  it was dispatched from Boston!  An hour or more away. So we sat and they had to turn the power off to conserve energy so it got a little warm – but after 3.5 hours we were on out way again and arrived safely…

Still a very economical way to travel and the number of passengers on board is a testament to that…  There were free snacks because of the delay (first come first served) so that made people a little happier.


A Fitting Tribute…

…to Tim Russert at Nationals Park tonight…  Suddenly video of him appeared on the jumbo-tron and he was talking about baseball coming back to the nation’s capital. 

They showed some wonderful photos of Tim, Big Russ and Luke attending a game…  I took these shots toward the end of the tribute while “The Boss” playing in the background. 


It was a very nice tribute and hard to believe he’s been gone a week today.  Tim you are missed!