We wait a little more…

I think we’ll call it “BT” (bad thing).  So, BT has got to go – the doc said that so he knows it can, so that’s good.  There’s also a little something in her left lung that did not take up the isotope so he doesn’t know what it is but it warrants watching.  They said it could be a mucus plug – now, did I really need to hear that?!?!?!  There’ll be another CT scan in a couple of weeks to see if things have changed or remained the same.  If there is no immediate need then I think surgery will wait until we get to VA in five weeks.  Yes, only five weeks!  Anyone with an awesome thoracic surgeon out there – we need their name stat!

As for me, I think I’ll come home for a bit then head back up after ShrineMont to prepare for the yard sale and cleaning out of the house!  Every little bit we do helps, but geez there’s tons to do!  What doesn’t get done before the packing, will get done on the unpacking – I’m not all that concerned.

Folks ask how I am thru this…  I guess I’m sort of numb.  It is what it is and it sucks!  There you have it, gotta deal with it and keep moving.  Being home for a bit will be a little bit or normal and I’m craving that right now.

Still working on the logistics of the final days of the move.  Getting two cars from MA to VA… It’ll happen, I know that…  D says we should be able to move this hibiscus that my mom has that is pretty magnificent (I’ll post a photo later)…  She thinks it should move ok, so that’s one more thing to fit in the car…  M’s head is spinning over everything and I guess I’ve gone in to Project Manager mode, don’t go anywhere without my notebook.  I know where we are and where we need to get to so I’m planning each step along the way so we get there…  In times of stress we fall back on what we know…

Again, thoughts and prayers are appreciated and felt…  Peace.


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