Wrote a long post.  The connection dropped – this’ll be short because I’m tired and pissed.

The packing finished and the load out was done.  All went well.

Stopped at a store, mum noticed her credit cards and cash was gone from her wallet.  *#)(@$$* !!!

Spent time on the phone with credit card companies shutting them off. $400 charged on each.  Add the $50 cash – GRR!!!  Feel violated!!  Pissed off!!! and stupid for trusting humanity! 

I’ve already called the owner of the moving company.  I’m going to find out which WalMart and Lowe’s were used and see if I can get a photo of who used the cards!  This one ain’t gonna drop!

So, maybe this was a distraction to keep Mum’s mind off selling the first and only house she’ll ever own?!?!  Didn’t need this one.

But seriously, we’re doing fine.  I’m not actually that pissed anymore, but this yutz messed with the wrong chick!

Tomorrow we run errands and then start heading south.  Rhode Island tomorrow night and Virginia the next night!!  Woo!!!!


The closer it gets

the crazier things are…  the list is quite long, or the many lists are quite long. 

I’m back up north.  They moved the Passing Papers to Monday at 5PM.  In MA, if not all of New England, the final step in buying a home (which in Virginia we call Closing or Settlement) is called “Passing Papers.”;  A very fitting name if you’ve ever been through the process. 

Anyhow, after the inital panic over moving it up was gone, we figured out how to make it work to our advantage – and (hopefully) it will.  After passing papers on Monday we’ll spend a night in a hotel, come back to the house and pack up the car, run the last errands – closing bank accounts and safe deposit boxes – and we’ll hit the road to my cousins in Rhode Island.  Then we head for VA on Wednesday.

Between now and then, the last donations have to get outside for the Vietnam Veterans Association, the big stuff in the basement has to get out for big trash day on Saturday, the house has to be packed on Friday and then the movers come on Monday.  Oh, and the fridge, washer and dryer need to go on Monday evening!  Um, ya, that’s all.  Oh, and for the job that pays my mortgage, I have to close out three projects for Fiscal Year end, get three other projects ready to implement next weekend and oh, ya, I’m taking vacation time starting EOD tomorrow… 

So – time for bed.  We’ll be home next week – hopefully we’ll both fit in the car with all of the stuff that wants to come to my house! Woo!  Peace out y’all!  zzzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzz zzzzzzz


Saying I’m tired would be a gross understatement.  Not sure I’ve ever felt as tired as I do, but as I told Mrs. S. (my day-care provider when I was growing up), “I can be tired in October, there’s just no time to be tired right now.”

The mountains of stuff we have taken out of this house amazes me!  I’m not sure where most of it came from – except the craft room…  THAT was full of stuff!

My Dad loved to tape shows and movies to watch again.  Not sure he ever did watch them, but he taped them.  I cleaned out 8 two-drawer video tape holders…  kept the contents of one and a half.  I’ve kept videos from their vacations and the Star Wars series (first three) and an Apollo series of films, not sure what they are but I’ll watch them.  Next was the disks and CD for the PC.  Suffice it to say “dog don’t make a cat” – I’ll be cleaning out my collections this Fall and Winter…

The Yard Sale was quite successful.  Tonight I tackled the leftovers.  I just could not bring my self to even open the garage yesterday!  Thank good we have a two car garage.  just move everything inside and close the door.

In two hours tonight I was able to pack (with my uncle’s help) about 8 boxes and numerous bags and they are ready for Big Brother/Big Sister to come and get them on Tuesday.  Also, there must be 14 large bags of trash in the garage – I’ll take those to the curb tomorrow night.

So, I’m leaving the house a lot further along than when I got here.  The craft room is DONE! If you’ve seen my craft room – well, mine pales in comparison.  Well, it’s cleaned out! and I mean it’s cleaned out!!  Never thought that would happen.

So lots is being thrown out, donated, recycled…  We are almost at that point where we say, what gets done gets done…  and the rest we’ll deal with once she gets down here. 

It’s time for me to come home so I can get some rest before the final push.  I’m looking forward to hanging out wif mai peeps and seeing mai kittehs.  Goodnight interwebs!  Time for me to sleep!


teehee…  posted a comment on a friend’s blog and didn’t page down so an error came back…  I had not put in the funky characters before I hit ‘submit’ – here’s the error…


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hee…  thought it was funny…  sometimes I wonder.