Welcome 2009 and Word of the Year

This started as a year end post for 2008, but wasn’t finished.  Now it is a welcome message for 2009 because it is 2:15AM and I really should be asleep.

I regulary read the blog of a woman in CA, named Ali, and she is creative beyond my wildest aspirations – over the past few years she has chosen a word upon which she concentrates, meditates and lives into each year.  It is that time to pick “One Little Word” and I’ve decided to chose a word and see what happens.

The word I’ve chosen is “Creative.”  I have flashes of being creative but really want to concentrate more to see what I am capable of doing with a concerted effort.  We’ll see what happens.

How about picking a word for yourself?  What would it be?

Peace and a safe, healthy and Happy New Year everyone!  Time for bed!


Gracie says “Time for bed” too!


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