Christmas II eve (3/365)


The tree comes down tomorrow – it could wait until Tuesday but this is going to be a busy week.  I love the “sparkle” effect of the lights in this shot.

So far the word is that the delivery of Mum’s stuff will be on a “straight truck” but keep praying that things don’t change.  They are pretty sure – so much so that they’ve removed the “shuttle charge” from the estimate.  When Ellen at the moving company told me she was doing that, I told her I had lots of folks praying for a straight truck.  She laughed.  Truck is due to come Thursday or Friday – so it’ll be a busy weekend.

I went to what has become a wonderful annual event.  It is a lovely afternoon enjoying  tea and little sandwiches and some wonderful sweets.  Mostly it is a chance to take a step back and enjoy the company of a group of wonderful women – many of whom I personally look up to as they are strong, successful, loving, compassionate, beautiful Christian women.  The example they provide as they lead their own families and our church family is something I hope to some day live up to in my own life.


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