A Funny Ambulance Story (18)


While waiting in line (for three hours) on Inauguration Day, in the freezing cold (they say the wind chill was 14 degrees! and I agree) – an ambulance needed to get down E Street – thus having to cross 10th St (the one I was on).

Prior to this point, the crowd in line had basically stopped the flow of foot traffic crossing east to west on E St.  It was too disruptive and squishy and those on the end started telling people they had to go around (thus the occasional chant “GO A-ROUND”).  It seemed to be working then the sounds of an ambulance could be heard chirping down E St. coming towards us.  After the utter disbelief of the crowd dissipated and we realized that he really wanted to come thru – the crowd oh-so slowly parted a few feet in front of me.

The ambulance drove very slowly – I’m surprised that there were no screams of people’s toes being run over.  As the ambulance cleared the other side, he sped up a little and a small group of folks were running behind the bus as fast as the could to get through before the end closed up and swallowed them up (the vision of the Egyptians and the Red Sea comes to mind). 

It was a comic sight to see these folks running along behind the ambulance while watching the crowd getting ready to close in.  Kudos to those folks for seizing the moment, getting across and giving the rest of us a little laugh!

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