TGIF (kitty version)


Gotta nap when the spirit move you.



Have you ever been to a “children’s service” on Ash Wednesday?  Today I was able to compare and contrast a mid-workday service “for” adults to the children’s service this evening.  As they were different, they were similar.  Probably not hard to believe, I really enjoyed parts of the children’s service more.  There is a straightforward simplicity that speaks to my heart.  I don’t get wrapped up in big words and ethereal concepts – KISS (keep it simple stupid).

I run in to this at work when people use marketing speak trying to portray technical issues.  When speaking to technical types – its all ones and zeros.  There is no room for fluff.  I guess I find comfort in the simplicity of ones and zeros.

“I’m sorry.”

“I miss you.”

“I love you.”

Simple.  Easy to understand.

In this season of Lent, who will take up the cross and follow Christ?  I will.  I will do my best with God’s help.  That’s all I’ve got.

In case you are interested

Levi Leipheimer won the Amgen Tour of California – third time in a row.  One of the “domestiques” who helped bring him home was none other than Lance Armstrong – how cool is that having Lance Armstrong as your domestique!  37 years old, been out of professional racing for 3.5 years and he came in 6th or 7th overall.  One minute 45 seconds behind the leader.

Watch out for the Giro d’Italia in May – Lance may be pushing to win that one.  He never has, as he’s always concentrated on the Tour de France.  This is going to be an exciting year in cycling.  TiVo is ready!

Amgen Tour of California

Geez, I LOVE bicycle racing!  I was invited to Santa Rosa to watch the first stage of the Amgen Tour but it all happened too quickly and I didn’t have time to plan – but next year!  It’s going on my calendar!  I hope to be there and maybe get down to San Diego if they finish there next year.

Levi Leipheimer is trying to win his third in a row.  I know I could look online to see if he’s done it but I’ll watch the recording.  Right now, Levi is alone – not sure what’s happened to the rest of the Astana team…   Um, and the Pope seems to be running up along the lead riders…  and do we REALLY need to see men running in Speedos or worse a g-string of sorts…  do they really need to do that!?!?!  REALLY!??!?!

Anyhow, that’s it for right now.  Hopefully good news later.

Apollo 13

Great movie!  Why do I feel anxious every time I watch it!?!  It’s not like the ending is going to change!

Random segue – tommorow morning – more adventures in Craig’s List!  Selling more stuff.  I keep looking aroud the house wondering what else I can sell!