Important!! Read This!

I just recevied a phone call – yes, at 11:20PM!  The recording said “This is ___ Credit Union, your debit card has been compromised. To reactivate your card press one to continue.”  I pressed 1.  Yes, I know this sounds fishy – that’s why I did it.

The recording then asked me to enter my 16 digit account number.  I made one up.  It said the number wasn’t valid and hung up.

I have the phone number that appeared on the caller ID.  I’ll call them tomorrow and have a conversation but my point here is DO NOT EVER!!!!! Enter your credit card or any other personal info into a phone or a website that has contacted you unsolicited!!!  NEVER.  Just NEVER!

If you get a call like this – look and make sure you have your card.  Check you account activity online if you can.   Call your bank in the morning.  The bad guys set this stuff up at the hour because people are tirde and they won’t think about it until after they’ve run and retrived their card to enter it…

Just a warning!!

Also – the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic in baseball on Sunday! The DOW gained over 300 points today.  The Vestry meeting was over in two hours.  It’s Armageddon for sure!


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