Back to the Interwebs

The week in Jamaica was wonderful – and not having phone or internet after Tuesday wasn’t so bad.  We sat around, played games, talked and really didn’t even watch TV.  The week was great.  Pictures wil be posting soon – I’ve just not really had much time to get around to it yet.

This’ll be a quick week as I have family arriving on Thursday night to stay the weekend.  It’ll be crazy – aunt, uncle, cousin and husband.  They’re all staying at my house – woo!  It’ll be fun but kinda busy.

Back to work tomorrow.  I think I’ll log on and as the email is downloading – I’ll go for coffee.  Nice to be back in the land of coffee I like.  Blue mountain was good – I brought some home  but I do love an Americano from *$s.

That’s all for now. Time for sleep – but I’ll share one photo.

Sunset from Negril.



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