Semi-Finals – featuring Tama-Chan

OK folks – with your help, she made it to the Semi-Finals… Please vote for her again. Only two days to vote!


Gimme an A!!

Yay!  I got an “A” for my class.  Yippee.

Ok, no classes for the summer.

Working on exploring a new thing…  We’ll see what comes of it.  I’ll let you know (and maybe see)…

Final-ly Friday

The draft of the final is done!

Tomorrow will be spent with much coffee and red marker (not really since it’s online) – but I foresee sitting in the dining room with the PC and the french press of coffee.  I have tons of milk and sugar, so I’m all set.

I think breakfast will be “eggy bread.”  Sounds like a breakfast of champions to me.

Courtesy of The Cottage Smallholder: “This is sometimes called French Toast or Gypsy Toast and is a great supper snack for children, invalids and people who have already enjoyed a good lunch earlier in the day. It is at its best fried in bacon fat but a tasty slim line version can be made with a little rape seed oil.”  Um, and what isn’t best fried in bacon fat!?!?

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – I just hope its not another train!

Ta y’all.

Tama-Chan won!

thanks much to all who voted for cute Tama-Chan.  Things were very close yesterday afternoon but sometime late in the day – Tama-Chan took the lead and won by 100 votes!  How very cool!

The task for today and tomorrow is finish the final and submit it! 

I am NOT taking a class this summer.  Nope, not gonna do it!  Semester off so I can finish that other certificate.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Time to go drink – then finish the final (wow, doesn’t that sound like a bad idea)…

Blog help needed

Alright everyone – please help out a blog pal…  I read this blog, The Poupounette, about a dog and a cat (and now a kitten) living in France.  They are adorable.  They lost their dear older kitty pal earlier this year – Sen-Chan was only 18 months old – it was very sad!

Anyhow, they need help with votes!  Tama-Chan is up against a might (cute) foe and needs your votes.  Please vote for Tama-Chan – she’s just the cutest EV-AH!!

I just voted and they are TIED!  218 votes each!  Let’s push this over the top!

Also, Tama-Chan has a new little sister, Sei-Chan and she’s a contender for the future.

Ok, back to work people!  Please vote for Tama-Chan!