Next and a couple more things

1. Up in the top right corner of this page there is an arrow.  Is it pointing forward?  Pointing to what’s next?  Ever click it?  I do.  Tonight I did and found this site:  Never know what you’ll find.  I jumped to three or four and all but one were talking about Holy Week.  Looks like Christians like to blog.
2. Three more weeks of school! OMG! make it stop!  Of course once its over I need to finish up my classes at Stanford so I can complete my certification.  GEEZ.
3. Bought a mini PC/netbook tonight!  It arrives on Thursday! hee!!!!  Crazy that technology has finally given us “throw away” PCs.  My Dad would have loved this!  $349 for a 160GB hard drive PC.  10-inch screen, keyboard is 95% the size of a full keyboard.
4. Visiting with out of town friend and her family tomorrow.  That’ll be fun.
5. That’s it for tonight.  Bowwored E’s list of 5.  Worked for me today.
6. Well, didn’t work as well as I thought.  Been connecting with folks from my past – high school, junior high school.  Pretty cool!

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