Love them interwebs

So, this may belong filed under “TMI” (too much information) but I gotta tell ya…

You shop at our favorite big box store, you find things that we like – whether they be shoes, unmentionables, oatmeal or pens.  Then you try to buy the style of pens we like – ya, we’ll say PENS, again and the store doesn’t carry them anymore.

Maybe they are just out of your favorite PENS so you keep checking back.  Well, the time finally comes when you really need new PENS!  What now?  You try a different style of pen, but they’re just not right!  Life is not good when you don’t have the right style PENS.

Well, the interwebs come to the rescue.  You can buy just about anything out there – even the kind of PENS you prefer.  So, the knock on the door today from the postal carrier indicated that my new PENS had arrived!  🙂 YAY!

So, if you can’t find the style of PENS you like at your favorite big box store – you can probably get them online!


One thought on “Love them interwebs

  1. You can likely find them available through Amazon; if they’re eligible for Amazon Prime, I can have them shipped to you for free (well, not free; I’ve already paid the annual two-day shipping charge). Especially if you feel like buying a stomptillion PENS, this can be a really good way of doing things.

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