A quiet child

Yesterday I drove Mum to Williamsburg to visit with someone she’s known for over 60 years! We used to visit Aunt B when I was growing up and I used to have to play with her daughter M when we’d visit. The last time I saw M was when I was about 12 or 13 and M was 11 or 12. After that, I was old enough to stay home when Mum and Dad went to visit. M was not one of my favs to hang out with when we were growing up, so I was a bit apprehensive about this part of the visit too.

When we arrived, M and her family were out but they came back after a few minutes. She looked exactly the same as she did over 30 years ago. We sat around talking about all kinds of things and Aunt B said how she was surprised at how much I was talking. Apparently I was a very quiet child. I was shocked! I asked my mum later and she agreed that I was very quiet when I was growing up. I kept saying “Really?!? I was that quiet?” Why don’t I remember this about myself? I’ve certainly made up for it – ask my friends… No comments required!

I found it interesting to hear what I was like from someone who knew me a long time ago and hasn’t seen me in 30-ish years. She was very shocked, she remarked a couple of times and I found that really funny. I mean, I was just being me. The question I have is, for someone who has known me for 30 years and has seen me over those years – do they see a big difference? I’m not sure if I can see huge differences in people I’ve know for that long.

Anyhow, the visit was really nice. It was great to have a day off from work and not have errands or chores to do.


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