Good Support

On Saturday, I bought a new “office” chair at my favorite bright blue and yellow store.  I didn’t realize how much I needed a new chair until I tried one and compared it to how the older (nine years old) one feels.  So, I bought it and brought it home.  It stayed in the living room over the weekend (a great box for the kitties to run around and over).

On Saturday evening I moved the “old” chair downstairs – its pit stop before moving out to the curb.

I figured I’d put the new chair together on Sunday – when I found a quiet moment.  I didn’t plan this well because there really weren’t any quiet moments.  Sunday was a very busy day it was full of church, meetings, commitments, celebrations and the theatre.

I got home from the theater at 11:15 last night – very cool (and WEIRD) play that started at 7PM, had two intermissions (should have been a clue) and ended at 11PM.  Thanks for the show E!!  Mucho gusto.

I got home and looked at the box.  Then thought about the office upstairs with no desk chair.  Then thought that there might have been a better way to begin a Monday morning than putting an office chair together – but I decided I was tired and sleep was more important.

After a good night sleep – I got up and made coffee ad put the chair together – only took 30 minutes.  So, the new chair is great – provides much more support.  The old one was over nine years old and really provides no support.

New chair provides much better support.  That’s an important thing to have in one’s life.


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