I’m a Tour de France geek – I LOVE IT!  I lose sleep watching the recaps until all hours, coverage begins at 7AM or so.  It is a long three weeks but it is an amazing event and just am amazing team sport to watch.

Today I took my second Spinning class.  For those who don’t know, Spinning is a class on stationary bicycles.  We ride to music (usually loud) and using tension on the fly-wheel imitate hills and jumps and sprints and the like.

Since I just got off the couch (read “couch potato”) on Tuesday, my goal this week has been to stay on the bike.  That’s all.  Stay on the bike the entire hour.  Stay on the bike with pedals moving.  Try to do a hill or two, maybe some jumps – but just keep moving.

Today, during the sprints I thought “What is it like coming up to the finish line in the Tour de France?”  An all out sprint with no stopping.  So that was how I did every sprint – eyes closed, coming down to the finish – chasing Thor Hushovd or Robbie McEwen (never gonna catch them!) – but chasing them kept me on the bike doing more than I thought I could.  As for climbing hills (high tension on the wheel), I was climbing L’Alpe D’Huez.  Those crazy fans running up ahead.

I’ve watched enough coverage of the Tour to have vivid images in my head upon which I was able to call during this class – it was actually kinda cool.  Yup – cycling geek.  Whatever works!

The Prologue of the Tour de France is on July 4 this year – TiVo will be working on my behalf.


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