Random Bits

1. Only four days before the big trip – lots to do but much (like, way much) thanks to C & D for their listening, assistance, support, understanding, well, the list goes on…  Most of all, for their love of Jesus Christ and how they have shared that love with me and so many others.

2. As D informed me, this trip is the first I’ve taken in eight year without one or both of them! GULP! Geez, thanks D, I hadn’t thought about that.  Now I feel like I’m headed into the ocean without a life jacket.  It’ll be fine, I know but…

3. It’s kinda weird to me when people say they read my blog.  Well, why am I writing/posting if I don’t want folks to read?!?!  Not sure why it’s weird but it is – but thanks G for the nice comment the other day.  I really was flattered – just caught me off guard.

4. That new camera I bought. Weight 2lbs 11 oz! Gotta do some exercises to carry it around.  Also, the book, well, one of the texts for the Grad school class I just took is smaller!  I’m chunking my way thru – lots to learn!  Don’t want to carry around an almost three pound “point and shoot.”

5. Ran lots of errands getting ready for the trip.  They’ve changed our Target – making it look like all of the others.  I have no idea where anything is!!  WHY mess with it.  It wasn’t broken!  Change is not good.  Oh, that’s the Episcopalian in me, sorry…

Non-sequitur – what does it say about WordPress’ dictionary that it doesn’t recognize the word “blog.”


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