Renovation Realities

This show is right up there with, well, I’m not sure – but OMG its so sad!  It is true stories of people doing their own renovations.  I just turned it on and two young women (20-somethings) are putting in a “breakfast bar” so they are cutting the studs.  Um, what!?!?

They seem to have found studs running horizontally in the wall.  ??  They did seem to know that this doesn’t really make sense.

They took a hammer and started banging away at the wal – broke thru and found a metal conduit.  Now, the camera view of the wall shows an electrical outlet at the bottom of the wall. Um, hello!!  So they see this “thing” and discuss or question “What’s that?” numerous times.  They decide to leave it.  The hammer is not working as well as they’d like, so they get out the saw-z-all.  They plug it in to the outlet, you know – at the base of the wall they are cutting in to…  Oh yeah!  Um, what?!? Still don’t know what that metal thing running up through the wall is?!?!

Um, now they are thinking about cutting down the supporting post – you know, the one holding the ceiling up!!  Thankfully, the decide otherwise.  I wonder if the crew said, “Ya, you really shouldn’t do that!”

Maybe they should have measured the space for the cabinets before buying them.  So now they are going to make cabinets! Oh yeah, that’ll work!

There is occasional editorial commentary.  Its very amusing.   “Someone should UNPLUG the saw!”  That was the commentary when they were cutting backer board and for some unknown reason, got a towel caught in the saw.  They decided to plug the towel, hand very near blade.  Luckily, all fingers still intact.

Anyhow – I’m going to watch the rest.  I recommend the show (on HGTV or DIY) if you want a laugh – kinda like “stupid do it yourselfers” file!  Scary part, these padies seem to be teachers.  I’m sure they are quite capable in their fields of expertise, I just really hope neither is a shop teacher!

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