yes, I said CAMPING!  that’s what we are doing.  I DON’T CAMP!  It’s not that I can’t its that I choose not too – and since I live in America, I get to choose.

But alas, I am camping, in a tee-pee.  There is a concrete floor and we have bed frames with a plank of plywood and a gym mat and a sleeping bag and a hostel sheet.  We are OUTDOORS!  but, I am sitting on my bed with WiFi!! So, life’s not THAT bad.

 Also, these kids are (usually) awesome – although I hear them laughing right now.  Tomorrow we’ll go to have a tour of the cathedral and then to Pike Place Market.  We send Miss C home on Saturday – on the 4:50 ferry!  Ok, we don’t send her, we take her to the airport.  Then we come home on Sunday. 

Kinda ready – especially because of the camping…  ready to be back in my life.  Things are happening right now and I really want ot be there, but its actually good that I’m here with one kid who just really doesn’t need to be home right now.  Another God-incidence.  They happen all of the time.

Time for sleep then more fun tomorrow…  Peace.


One thought on “Camping

  1. I know you know how many prayers are flooding out to you. But trust me, it’s pretty hard here too. Sometimes life is like this. And it…point blank….sucks. But angels around all of you at the end of this trip. You are amazing and talented and we’ve missed you.

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