Two cute dogs…


…sharing one big fuzzy bone (it didn’t even last the evening!)



An eye-peal for help

I really need to stop reading these kitty blogs…  If you are so inclined, please visit the True Blood kitties and help fund six eye surgeries to correct congenital eye-lid deficiencies.  They are the cutest kitties EVER (well, not ever – but they are SO cute!).

I’m such a sap – I donated yesterday and they count is already up to $1,100+.

These six meek darlings shall inherit your heart!

Edited 6:30PM – here’s the edit at the top of the post about the kitties. This interwebs thing is pretty awesome!

“*Edited to add (3:30 pm): We’ve received over $2,950 in donations in less than two days! That’s more than enough to pay for the surgeries for ALL of these kittens, thank you all so much! You guys are incredible!!!”


One the night that my friend Jeff begins his third round of chemo which involves a new drug – which we hope is the “silver bullet” for which we’ve been looking; I have dedicated a page to Jeff Gustafson at LIVESTRONG Action.

This page is a part of the world’s largest dedication book that LIVESTRONG Action will use to pressure world leaders to do more to fight cancer. Can you add your name to my dedication page? It’ll only take a second, and you can help me reach my target of 25 dedications.

Please click here, it only takes a second:

Lance Armstrong dedicated his ride in the Tour de France to the fight against cancer. And after the race, he’ll send this dedication book – with your signature – to world leaders and pressure them to make cancer a priority in their own countries. It’s our best chance to push for better treatment, more funding for cancer research and access to care for everyone around the world.

But if people like us don’t stand up, these leaders won’t pay attention.

Will you check out my dedication page? Jeff Gustafson inspired me to take action – hopefully he’ll inspire you to do the same:

In a video Lance Armstrong mentions that in the 1200+ days he was in retirement, over 27 million people died from cancer.  27,000,000+ mothers, fathers, sister, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts, sons and daughters. A few were folks in my life.

Did you know that Lance rode with Team Astana for free (something that the Kazakhstan owned team didn’t really understand)?  He drew no salary.  He rode to keep attention on ending cancer in our lifetime.  After riding anywhere from 100-nearly 200 miles a day in the Tour de France he did speaking engagements bringing as much attention to beating cancer as possible.  He just just rode the Tour of Ireland this past weekend, doing the same things in the evening – keeping the cause alive.

Yes, I am a huge fan of the man, on and off the bike.  This cause needs as much attention as possible so more research money is devoted to the cause.  Enormous progress has been made in cancer research but there much more needed.

“Home” visit

Been back in the old stomping grounds for a couple of days.  More so a homecoming for Mum, as this has not been my home for nearly 20 years.

Saw the neighbors, Mrs S (and I’ve got a tin of pizzelles!), Mrs H and N.  Peeked over the fence into the old yard – doesn’t look too bad but I think the new owners are figuring out its a lot of work.

Tonight we went to my fav Mexican place – Acapulcos in Norwood.  BEST Chili Verde (ok, only Chili Verde) I’ve found outside of Santa Fe.  Its really yummy and nice and spicy.  Had a meh meal at Bertucci’s last night – it just really wasn’t very good.

Had lunch with G from Seattle, she’s in town hangin’ with her family.  Hopefully tomorrow we’ll see her for a bit at the cousin’s house.

Today we did some serious shopping and tomorrow there’s more to be done.  Must hit Christmas Tree Shop on way out of town.  Went to Bob’s and got sneakers and some Red Sox tchotchkis.  Got some cool stuff at the outlet mall – car’s nearly full.

Almost got together with some high school friends but couldn’t put it together on such short notice.  Maybe next time.

Tomorrow we go to church (the one I grew up in and Mum went to until moving) and then we head to RI to cousin’s house for a family day!  Monday we recuperate and maybe go to Foxwoods and then Tuesday we head home – to the place I consider home and hopefully someday Mum will too.

Peace and love to my peeps at home!  See youse soon!


My mother lived in her house for 43 years and this hydrangea is in the back yard.  In the past few years it hasn’t bloomed – she asked D what to do?  D gave some suggestions…  We’ll Mum moved last Fall, we were by the house yesterday and here’s the hydrangea…  Guess she just had to move out to make it bloom (that and have extraordinary amounts of rain in May, June and July!).



Over at Shutter Sisters there’s a post today about being “interconnected” and a comment about Nov 4, 2008 in Grant Park, Chicago. It was an amazing night of interconnectedness with those celebrating the election results. A peaceful gathering of thousands of people.

I attended the follow-up event a couple of months later (the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2009) in Washington, DC where over 500,000 people gathered in celebration without one arrest.  Another moment where interconnectedness.


This is my view of thousands of my closest friends that morning.  It was (very) cold, we stood for four hours barely moving and it was very peaceful.  We even started singing songs together to pass the time.  Amazing.