Accomplishment (and update)

First the update – the Klondike bars actually lasted past the weekend, I still have half the package left – but I still think an expiration date of 18 months out is excessive.

Now to the accomplishment. I successfully changed the timer for the front outside light on my house (those who stumbled in the dark last night will be especially happy to hear this). After the dance of running downstairs turning the power off and back upstairs to do the work – the new one is installed.

Note: If you use an Intermatic timer for your outside lights you cannot use a CF Lightbulb – its a known issue and they are just not compatible. Of course I only know that because the timer I just bought tells me so. The timer I’ve had in the wall for about 8+ years was installed before we had CFLs – but the packaging on the new ones clearly state it will (or can) burn out the timer. So, I’m back to incandescent bug light – gotta love that yellow glow!

The work week is over. The weekend will be calm and relaxing – – hahaha!!! Stop laughing! Well, it’ll be time away from work so that’s good.

Have a great weekend mai peeps!


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