Accomplishment – Part Deux

Another home project completed – the switch on the light under the stairs (storage area, bae light bulb in a socket type thing) blew one day last week.  It provided one more moment to pray for a friend who is battling recently diagnosed cancer – when the switch went click and nothing happened, I said, “J!”  See, J is a contractor/handy guy and he’s who I would call to make it all better.  Well, he’s busy with other things right now – you know, fighting cancer – so I was going to have to fix this myself.  Well today I did.

Last week I bought a new light fixture thingy at Home Depot and today I installed it.  As I began the work and turned off the power I decided to call someone to let them know I was playing with electricity – even though it was turned off, I have a healthy respect for its power.  I called my mum but when she was taking long to answer I thought I’d have to call someone else.  Well, she answered – I told her I’d call when it was done.

Power off and screw drivers in hand, I replaced the light outlet.  I put the light bulb in (for some reason unknown to me the bulb is a 200W bulb – do we really need the light of the sun under the stairs?!? Anyhow, put the bulb in, turn the power back on and VOILA! YAY me!

So, I will share this story with J and he’ll just have to help me with my next home project – and I truly look forward to that day!

Overall this was a pretty busy weekend.  Yesterday a small crew tackled the attic at church and did some tossing of old stuff and organizing.  For some reason the co-President of the Altar Guild (me) was in the dumpster making sure that stuff fit and nothing was left out – because that’ll get you in lots of trouble.  After playing in the dumpster I immediately went home to shower and change clothes.  Headed to mum’s to hang valances and get her new comforter and dust ruffle on the bed.  After wrestling the queen size mattress (including flipping it), I was ready for another shower.  Instead we went to return some things to the store and then went out for din.

This afternoon I took a nice long nap – I do love taking a nap on the weekend. A good day and active weekend all around.  Now, time for bed.  I hope your weekend was great!


Random photo – above is the “tripod” I made to take the group picture below on a recent trip, we were on a hike and there were no folks around so these rocks helped.



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