The Washington Post has a regular Sunday feature called “Road-Trip” in which they outline a “road trip” in the DC area.  It usually begins within 50-100 miles of DC and provides a map and some featured stops.

Today, A, E and I took a road trip in search of homemade candy and ice cream in northern Maryland.  The featured route began in Bel Air and went to Havre de Grace.  We started in Bel Air looking for Moore’s Homemade Candies.

We saw the sign in the distance – YAY!!!


We pulled in out front…


Ohhhhh!!!  We found out they were moving so we sought out the new location.  They will open in mid-September!

Well, then we headed to another shop in Bel Air, turned out to be just around the corner.


Ya, they were closed too!


OK! Next on the list is ice cream – they better be open!


The parking lot was full, the ice cream was really good! They sell milk in glass bottles! How cool is that! They also have sandwiches and other stuff – really cool place – Broom’s Bloom off Exit 80 – a much better stopping spot than “Maryland House” for a clean bathroom and a snack.

The rest of the day – we found homemade candy in Havre de Grace.  We visited the Duck Decoy Museum Gift Shop – because it started raining.  Apparently, Havre de Grace – famous for duck decoys!  Who knew?!?

It was a great day spent with good friends!  It is now time to sleep and prepare for one more day of the weekend!  Yay – three day weekend!


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