Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving weekend – food, family, fun and a wedding!

Many opportunities for giving thanks.




I seem to have Budapest on my mind…  So, here’s what we had for lunch one day:

We went to a grocery store and got some bread, mustard, cheese, salami/pepperoni meat and had a great lunch!  Very yummy, very cheap.  We did this a couple of times…  The best part was the paprika chips!!  wicked yum!

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, not wordless and certainly not Wednesday. The grey day we’ve had made me want to be back on the hill in Budapest (actually in Pest), drinking tea with honey.  Or really anywhere drinking tea with honey – but traveling would certainly be good too.

Daybook – Nov 17

FOR TODAY… from Ali’s Daybook (written around Noon on Nov 17)

Outside my window… I see bags of leaves (in the paper/mulch-able bags) lined along the sidewalk and evidence of a somewhat unusual northwest breeze – which explains the cooler temps today

I am thinking… about how life has stood still in so many ways for the past few months, and I really need to re-engage – starting with picking up the mess that is my house

I am thankful for… the community to which I belong – we have held each other up and allowed each other to crumble as needed and turned around and picked each other up again.  I do not see that this cycle will end soon but it will lessen as the days continue and life continues

I am wearing… my work at home uniform – jeans and a tee shirt, socks (the weather’s getting colder), and my slippers (I wore hard shoes yesterday!)

I am remembering… my friend Jeff, his family, the joy and sadness of this past weekend

I am going… no where until FedEx arrives! YES, another delivery from Apple!! A wireless remote.  Not sure why I need it, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out later

I am reading… still working on My Life in France by Julia Child (I read painfully slowly and am easily distracted), The Year of Living Biblically – there’s a small book group at church – very low key, very my style

I am hoping… that we made the right decision to not go north for Thanksgiving

On my mind… I need to pick up my camera again.  In the last two weeks, I put a lot of things down and they need to be picked up (not the least of which is my house but whatever)

Noticing that… I really don’t like the shorter daylight hours.  Really messes me up when it’s lighter later, I forget to stop working – you know, work until the sun goes down

Pondering these words… “Be still and know that I am God”

From the kitchen… I made the “famous” Newcomers Dinner Salad for a dinner last night with neighbors.  Got to meet new ones and have fun with ones I’ve know for a while.  It was a celebration of the years the elder member of the townhouse has lived here – she’s the last original owner – been here about 40 years.  She is moving to Goodwin House in December which will be great for her – no more laundry two flights down and the other challenges of living in a three level house.  We will miss her, but the move it good for her.

Around the house… the cleaning lady is here – talking on her cell phone and dusting and vacuuming- more talking than dusting right now.  Maybe we need a law about that – no cell phone while dustin and cleaning my house.  I guess I can make that law, it’s my house

One of my favorite things~ making my coffee in the morning.  It was imported from Seattle, hand carried by a dear friend who asked, “Is it really that much better?”  To which I responded, “I just really like it.”

From my picture journal…