Themla and Louise

Yup, on the road. 879 miles so far. Tallahassee is pretty so far. We’ll see how much we like it in traffic tomorrow! Graduation is at 9, doors open at 8. Woo, let the party begin!



Changes at work. New management. Very good, but makes me feel like everything we’ve done in the past was wrong- and it wasn’t. It was just different, but not wrong. Growing pains again and I’m getting too old for this %$#! (Insert word heard way too much in a Senate hearing room today! Should Senators really need to be bleeped on the evening news? I think not.).

Vacay coming soon. Road trip. It’ll be good to get away.

And thi spost is being composed on and uploaded by the Droid. New app. Liking this thing more each day.

Clear Choice

I’d made what C described as a clear choice about what to do this summer. I’d decided that Tribe was the priority, thus I’d go to Convention. Well, my Tribe I was hoping to see if about 12-18 strong and only 2 are going this year.

Is the Universe telling me that there’s a better choice? A different choice? A different opportunity? I’m not sure but I do think there is a message – I’ve just not deciphered it yet.

I don’t think that the Universe is discounting the importance of my Tribe, but maybe this event is not the important thing right now. I’m just not sure.

Did I misread something? Not think it through? Just not sure. I’ll keep chewing on it.

One thing I’m thinking about doing some week in May or June is do a “Week in my Life” documenting my week through pictures and journaling. This is something that Ali  Edwards (scrapbooker, Mom, designer extraordinaire) is doing on her website. I’m hoping that some pals will want to join me in this journey – we’ll plan ahead, take photos, print the photos then meet in my craft room to put it all together.

I thought about starting this week but thoughts of photos of the exterminator’s truck just wasn’t what I really wanted. The neighbors were nervous about the truck but it’s just ants – lots of them and my battle last year was not successful so this year I brought in the professionals. Crazy week and it’s only Tuesday.

Brisket and friends

I prepared a brisket as I was this month’s host for our Foyer Group (a small social group from church). I saw the recipe on a food blog and it just sounded yummy.  I’d never cooked a brisket. Not sure Id ever even eaten brisket before. Te recipe was in essence making a barbeque sauce from scratch and slow cooking overnight in a Crock-pot.  I think I just like saying “Brisket.”

Either the folks in my group were very kind or it really was pretty good! I thought it was pretty good. Great flavor. Perfectly cooked – falling apart but not disintegrated into nothing. I have leftovers which make me happy.

I took a photo of the table before dinner because it is not often that I set a table for eight. Table looked pretty nice. Dishwasher was loaded and running within about 40 minutes of folks leaving the house. Got the rest of the dishes washed and they are air-drying. Table cloth and napkins will go in the wash tomorrow.

All in all a successful evening and a darned good brisket. I shall cook one again! And I’m getting a bigger Crock-pot so I can cook bigger things. I borrowed one this time (thanks C&D) – I must own a bigger one. How much chili can I cook in a really big Crock-pot!?!? Oh, yum!