Someone really needs a three day weekend!

Have a great weekend! and thank a Veteran! They’ve done so much for us.


One born every minute

Yup, that’s me.

I give money to kittehs on the interwebs with this strange thing called “mega-colon” (she’s doing quite well) and for kitteh operations to give them eye-lids (yup, that was really weird and they all got adopted!). I give money to help a woman’s daughters, from whom she’s been separated for four or five years, come to America because the situation in their native Africa has become unsafe for them. I give money to help a dying man’s last wish come true for his wife. I give money to a family that is renovating their bathroom so that it is wheelchair accessible for their six year old son with a neuro-muscular disease. I give money to things that touch my heart.

Does that make me a sucker? Maybe, but God has blessed me with a heart that can be so touched and resources that can help some people in need so how can I not give.

Flew the Coop

This evening, as I was leaving the house, the baby robin jumped out of the nest. There was a lot of noise because the dog from next door was outside (on leash) and barking. Momma bird was swooping around as baby tried to fly. it flew about three or four feet at a time about 2.5-3 feet high… He ended up at the end of the block with Momma squawking near by… I hopped on my bike and headed down the street the other direction. I hope it finds refuge in the nearby bushes. Hopefully Momma will keep him safe until his wings can carry him away…

Robin’s Nest

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s a slideshow of six photos. I’m surprised I got these shots. The one with Momma was right after I heard her out in the tree outside the window when Gracie was sitting and watching intently. Momma had food in her mouth and wanted to go feed the babies but wouldn’t as long as Gracie was watching. So, I took Gracie out of the window and went to the door and opened is slowly.

Pretty cool having Mother Nature , the circle of life and all that stuff right outside the door.

Tuesday Tidbits

1. I do not want the reporters or the government to tell me how many calories is in the food I am eating!  I DON’T WANT TO KNOW! I am an adult. I can look it up if I want. I do not need to be protected from myself!

2. WHY do stores stop selling the specific kind of hairball treat that your cats like?!? So, yes, I just ordered a 10-pack from Amazon. You can buy just about ANYTHING from them! So, I’m set for a while (and got them a little cheaper too but still! cat treats from Amazon?!!?)

3. There’s a robin’s nest outside my front door and Momma Robin talks to me a lot when I’m coming into the house. I got some pics today, I’ll post them later. She was feeding the little ones (there are two babies in the nest).

4. My birthday weekend was wicked fun! Started Friday evening when E, J and C came for din. I cooked American Chop Suey – a great meal (was a favorite school lunch when I was growing up in New england). Start to finish, 35 minutes. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! We ate a bunch, then I froze the rest – I love having meals ready to eat in the freezer. Saturday morning my Mum hosted two of my besties and me for breakfast! It was yummers. Then I went to the Nationals game in the afternoon. The rain came, the chili dogs were plentiful (too plentiful) and the Nats won!! Then dessert at Ramparts – way too much sugar but oh so good.

5. Work is busy, but fun – yes, fun. I enjoy it. Now I need to do a little work taking care of me and getting into shape. Self care begins now – 11:10PM, time for bed. Need to start getting to bed the night before I have to get up. I am in the habit of going to sleep and waking up on the same day and that is just not good for me. Need to get 8 or more hours sleep per night – starting before midnight.

That’s it for today.