One born every minute

Yup, that’s me.

I give money to kittehs on the interwebs with this strange thing called “mega-colon” (she’s doing quite well) and for kitteh operations to give them eye-lids (yup, that was really weird and they all got adopted!). I give money to help a woman’s daughters, from whom she’s been separated for four or five years, come to America because the situation in their native Africa has become unsafe for them. I give money to help a dying man’s last wish come true for his wife. I give money to a family that is renovating their bathroom so that it is wheelchair accessible for their six year old son with a neuro-muscular disease. I give money to things that touch my heart.

Does that make me a sucker? Maybe, but God has blessed me with a heart that can be so touched and resources that can help some people in need so how can I not give.


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