Hurry up and wait

Surgeon appt. was a consult only. He’s great! but I wish he’d have talked while he cut so I can move on… He really is great though. His staff worked magic and got us scheduled at the local hospital for Wednesday morning at 10:30. Sooner than he could do in his office – and honestly, I’m kinda happy we’ll be at the hospital. They have all of the stuff and he did say that the lighting is better. I’m all for good lighting.

C took the day off and drove me to wealthy suburb where his office is located. I guess I’m not really surprised; I’m guessing that Plastic Surgeons have a lot of business in that town. It was nice to have C with me. We talked about lots of things. We stopped at *$s (of course) on the way out. After the appt. we did what any self-respecting friends would do – we went for pedis – and then we went to lunch. More talk. Lots of support and love and that helped so much.

So, I wait. Was kinda down this afternoon. Disappointed I guess. I had taken the day off and decided that was okay – so I napped most of the afternoon. I wasn’t very talkative at lunch. Just chewing on the events of the morning I guess.

After napping the afternoon, I made a small din – chicken tenders, lemon pepper pappardelle and green beans tossed with lemon olive oil. I watched Food Network and then went for a great walk with S. We walked about 2 miles. It was a great walk. I feel great after walking – so why don’t I do more of it?!? Makes no sense.

Anyhow. I see more walks in my near future. I feel great after walking. I’m guessing it would be great for my psyche while I wait… and wait. Sigh, I’m just not a patient person. When I decide I want to do something, I want it planned out and done. Fast. Now. I guess maybe there are some lessons to be learned in waiting. In letting people take care of me. In trying not to control things all of the time. Ok, that’s just crazy talk! but maybe there’s something to it… Well, I wait. We wait. And we hope and pray that the waiting is time put to good use…

From my walk-about in the ‘hood last week…


One thought on “Hurry up and wait

  1. Not so crazy! You are worth being loved and cared for. I’m working on being better at receiving — and waiting. My daughter says waiting is an opportunity to rest – she’s wise beyond her years.

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