Happy Medium

I’m searching for a happy medium between baking outside in the sun (which I never really did but I would enjoy a little sunshine on a walk or bike ride) and becoming the hermit/vampire I’ve become – only wanting to be outside at night or when it is cloudy. The walk after 8PM last evening with S was very relaxing because the sun was below the trees.

At lunch yesterday, C and I sat in the lee of the building – very shady and I looked for a spot I thought would stay in shade so we wouldn’t have to hurry or move. I told her I knew it was irrational fear then I revised that to rational fear… but I don’t want to live in fear.

Maybe the fear is normal. I’m also wondering which Doc will give me the definitive answer to what this is or more specifically what this is going to be and what we do now. Right now I feel like I’m bouncing from one to the next to the next, waiting for someone to tell me something for sure. I guess it’s just more of that waiting and looking outside at the nice sunny day (although it’s a little cloudy right now – maybe I should get out there!).

So wait and watch…     hmm, the Advent of something new?


One thought on “Happy Medium

  1. Must be something to that “waiting” thing. I like your Advent connection…and will hold that in mind and prayers for that happy medium.

    And I think of you when I walk in the sun…and when I put on my sunscreen!


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