Some things

1. I really hate when my bank accounts have not been balanced. I use Quicken so there really is no excuse but today I balanced April and May. Really!?!? Geez.

2. I realized I’m taking a “Mondo Beyondo” step – something on my list, which I reviewed today for the first time in a while, is “spend some time learning more re photography and digital stuff.” Now, I’m really not sure what I mean by digital stuff – I was just trying to write this list and finish the assignment. I probably mean digital correction of images, ya, that’s it! So, today I realized that over the weekend I signed up for a photography workshop that is coming to DC in the Fall. It is a workshop for women and it’s called MeRa’s Confidence Workshop. I’ve been reading her blog and like what she has to say so I signed up – gulp! The focus is more on photographing people – which is not something I do a lot so I’m eager to learn.

3. Since when did sushi become like Chinese food. I eat sushi for last week din and two hours after finishing – I was hungry! Late night cereal snack.

4. Gadgets – yup. Got me some new ones. Maybe the incentive of watching progress will get me moving more. I am a visual person, so here’s hoping. This is the iPod+Nike. The sensor goes in a little pocket on my sneaker and it talks to the iPod and tells it stuff about my workout. I’ll be working on the “walking” program first. Running? Not sure we’ll ever get there. Look at how tiny this thing is!

That’s my sneaker (duh), a marker and a quarter. This thing is tiny!

5. Again thinking about a 365 project. I’m inspired by some folks – a simple look into their life –  thanks Jinny. So maybe this photo is 1/365… I know I’ve tried this before but “life is about falling down seven times and getting up eight times!” Not sure who said that, but it wasn’t me…


4 thoughts on “Some things

  1. I inspired you?! That’s the coolest thing ever. So jealous of the photography workshop. I’ve never been to one (my formal education doesn’t extend beyond a photography class in high school) but would love to go and learn.

  2. I love that you’re taking the workshop! My dream list has soething like that on it that I hope to realize next year. I’m excited for you.

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