A few days later

The sights and sounds of New Orleans are still with me.

The laughing of the children – they go so serious when it came time to perform their play. They did an amazing job – even with the four Moses and two Pharaohs – it all worked out. The “Red Sea” sis a great job blocking the way and the Israelites were very whiny. The music was awesome – and some of those songs will not leave my head (that is not a very fun part).

We saw the house where the kids worked all week. Three weeks ago it was a house complete with drywall and ceilings. Now it is a shell. It is down to the studs. The woman who lived there with her two children, was building the house when Katrina hit, so once the water receded and she got some money – she finished the house. She and her kids moved in and lived there until last Fall (about a year) when the house made her son very sick – he was in the hospital and almost died. The contractor had used the “Chinese drywall” that has been in the new lately. So, the house needed to be stripped. That’s what our kids were doing – piece by piece. Removing the drywall, nails and screws and the insulation from the entire house and garage. Our kids are amazing!

We had another group go to Trinity Church where they run a day-camp and they helped with tutoring. They had a great time helping the kids put together projects for the upcoming weekend show – where they display what they’ve been working on.

We ate well at Annunciation Mission. The housing was clean-ish (although I did see a couple of bugs that we so big we coulda put saddles on them!). We ate snoballs, had a lot of shrimp and seafood. On Sunday, the adults went to lunch at Nola. I was going there with or without folks – because I cannot go to Emeril’s town and not eat at one of his restaurants. I was not disappointed. The service was not quite up to what I’d experienced at Tchoup Chop but the food certainly was! OMG, it was yummy!

It is very difficult getting back to work. My brain is elsewhere. Hard to concentrate. I feel like I’ve forgotten more than I knew before… Oh well, this break is over. I’m sure there will be more processing of the events and impacts of the past week – and some photos too!


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