Cancer Sucks

Not an adjective I like to use. I don’t allow the kids to use it. Sometimes it is the right one for the situation.

Mum’s lung cancer is back. Doc says not surprising – usually comes back 18-24 months and we’re at 22 months. All along she said, no chemo. When the doc told her without chemo she had 6 months – she reconsidered. So, that merry-go-round shall start upon return from my weekend away. There will be a CAT scan of her brain – I’m sure they’ll find nothing. <snort> (sorry folks, ya gotta keep your sense of humor especially in times like these).

They will do 2-3 cycles (3 weeks each so that’s 6-9 weeks) then do a PET scan and see if progress has been made. If so, 2-3 more cycles. If not, there you go. The biggest worry is how her system will tolerate the drugs. She usually has to take a nap after taking Tylenol – so this shall be a challenge. Doc says in older people they find weekly is better than once every 3 weeks – so it’s a little lower dosage but a more constant across the board. Based upon BFF Oncology Nurse’s reaction last night when I told her the drugs that would be used this is bad. Either the tumor is big or will be quickly. It has progressed quickly and he wants to hit it hard and fast. I guess that goes along with 6 months if we do nothing. It just sucks.

So, I shall be taxi and other support but I’ve decided for myself I shall get back to Spinning class upon my return from a weekend away (trip has been planned for a bit). I will need stress relief and this was very helpful for me last summer being part of the community living with a dear friend fighting a similar battle. Exercise is a huge help and I know that, so now I have to practice what I know to be true.

So, here’s praying that she tolerates the drugs and they give her another year or two (or maybe more, but who knows) on this earth. The flip side is she would join the love of her life, my Dad who left us 7 and a half years ago, and spend eternity with him. So, for her, not a bad deal. Regardless of when shoe goes, I shall miss her terribly because she is not only my mother but one of my best friends. We have lots of fun together.

When I was growing up she tells me she prayed that she would live long enough to see me grow out of whatever I was going through and grow into a good person. She has told me on numerous occasions that she is glad she did live long enough and that I have done just that. Prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

*minor edit for clarity – no, I’m leaving her to fend for herself and get around without me! leave out two little words… “return from” – oopsie.


2 thoughts on “Cancer Sucks

  1. Sometimes the right word is ‘sucks’ – and this is one of those times. I admire your courage in light of this news. Doesn’t matter if it’s expected or not – it’s still a shock to hear such concrete news about someone you love. I am praying for you and your mom and hoping for years……

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