1 down, 17 to go

The first chemo infusion went, well, it went well. We were there for SIX hours but that was because they were late starting and they wanted to take it very slowly for the “firstee.” We brought our lunch so we started munching around Noon:30. There was not much napping but there also wasn’t the anticipated and dreaded bad reaction to the steroids to which M is allergic and often has horrible reactions. She was dreading that  more than the chemo drugs!

We rushed back home and got here just in time for some din, of which she ate a good deal. It was followed by a healthy portion of ice cream – coating the stomach is good, I’m sure. So, trying to not to count chickens before they hatch but if the next six months goes like or nearly like today – it will still be six month but it should add some quality time to her life – and that’s a very good thing.

For M, this evening will end with some Ativan and tomorrow will be Compazine around the clock and that will continue for a couple of days.

For me, the mere mention of those meds brings back memories of sitting with J last summer and crushing those pills and administering them through his “J-tube.” I think their reappearance in my life is the hardest part for me because of the immense loss for us at the end of J’s battle.

M mentioned him the other night and always does when she uses the hand-rails he installed in the tub in my house – for her. I still miss him so very much.

Anyhow, M asked her Oncologist how he does this every day and both he and  said because he gets to win sometimes and that makes it all worth it. Not all stories end like J’s and I  hope and pray that M’s will be one in the win column for this doc.


3 thoughts on “1 down, 17 to go

  1. Thinking of J always – with constant reminders of him. This means your mom needs to be in the ‘ones we win’ column for sure. I wake every day thinking of her and of you. You have my love and support.

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