The Next Day

Well, this day was a little rough. M’s not felt well at all but she has eaten – even though she didn’t want to. She even walked the length of the hallway which is nearly as far as she’d walk to go to dinner (I’m mean, I made her do it!). I was heading home tonight but she felt icky enough that I’m staying another night (or maybe two – we’ll see).

I ran home to throw food at the cats – they were happy to see me but really didn’t understand why I fed them, scooped the boxes and then left again. They’ll survive.

Other things on my plate – I’m beginning an online Spanish class which is being developed and taught by someone I met through Mondo Beyondo.  Developing and teaching this class is one of her Mondo Beyondo dreams – and she invited some folks along for the ride – yay!

I’m also doing an online class for which I’ve put a widget to the right – Me: The Abridged Version. It involved creating a scrapbook about, well, Me. Thankfully a subject about which I have some knowledge. It should be fun – I’m very excited about it. I love the online classes, while they have a set ending – you can continue to work long after the official class ends. Works well in my wacky schedule.

I believe it is time to turn in and hope tomorrow is a better day. So many folks are praying – old friends and new – and that is all so appreciated.


One thought on “The Next Day

  1. Hi allison,

    I have not realized this blog was yours! You have so much on your plate and I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I look forward to having you in class.

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