Ok, at this rate I’m looking for and celebrating anything that goes well.  This one does not involve M, though she is napping right now as she is beyond exhausted and sleep is nothing but good for her.

The celebration is that the vet has received the kibble that my cats like. Ok, sounds beyond stupid and shallow but I tried to get some last week and they were out – didn’t know when it would come in because of some wacky ordering system they have. Since it is  a “prescription diet” they gave me a ‘scrip’ and hopefully I could get it at another vet. I called a vet nearer my house and they said because it’s a prescription diet they’d have to examine the cat first.

Now, I understand the litigious society in which we live but this is low calorie/high fiber stuff because the cats are indoor cats and they’ve always eaten it. It’s not like it’s really super special because of physical ailments.

I went to PetSmart and bought a small bag of something made by the same manufacturer – the cats were – ‘meh about it. I was about three days from running out of food – so, the vet is holding the two bags for me and I’ll pick them up tomorrow or Saturday – assuming I’m sprung from Springfield – even if I just run out to get it… Anyhow – yay! the cats get to have food for the weekend.

Like I said, anything to smile about and celebrate right now is a good thing.

Holli, Kimberley, C&D and S and everybody else – thanks much for the prayers – keep ’em coming – this is going to be a long row to hoe…


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