For M being healthy enough to travel north for the holiday.

For my crazy family and being able to spend Thanksgiving with family (i know, “crazy family” is redundant)…

For word from Afghanistan that 20 boxes have arrived to Chappy Christina – 20 boxes in one day! I hope she gets the 2,000 stocking for the soldiers and i think she’s on her way there!

For friends who support me thru the craziness of life.

For D as she and i work on a tag-team project at church.

For C and E who have been drafted into helping me finish the project that D is starting.

For the men and women serving this country in the armed forces. Hoping that they know that so many Americans are very grateful for their service and sacrifice.

For the families of the men and women serving in the armed forces.

For the folks I’ve met thru the interwebs.

I hope everyone have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Travel safe, eat well, take a moment or two to be thankful for all of the blessings in your life.


before and after



I even got the leaf blower to (somewhat) perform a control final clean-up after raking. I put a bunch of leaves into the street – across to the other side where the lawn service for the apartment complex will send them back our way later this week! Eventually they will become mulch in the road from the cars running back and forth.

Feels good to accomplish one more thing. Oh, and delivered a recommendation I’d been ask to write – so two things off the list. I like when things get crossed off! Getting the leaves off the front walk means they won’t be tracked into the house so keeps the house cleaner too! Doesn’t that count as two things on the list? Keep the house clean AND clean up outside.


One more chore done

M’s car battery was dead, one tire flat and the others looking sad -so AAA was called and they got the car started! Yay. I drove to the dealer and then said new battery, change coolant and I requested an oil change. They said the coolant was five years old… How do they know that? They’ve seen the car once and it turn out the coolant is about 18 months old! I’m beginning to not like them much. Might need to find a new mechanic for M. They said the battery needed to be replaced, which we did because I think it’s about three to four years old and, it may not have made it thru the winter.

The real joy for me is the fact that one more task is off my list. Though it does seem that as quickly as they come off the list, more things go on the list.

The holidays are coming. That’s just a whole new category of lists in and of itself.

I’m feeling a need to go back to school or take a class. Do i really want to go back to school for real and get another degree? If so, in what? How boring is a MS in Project Management? It’s my job and so a degree in it would be kinda fun. Dorky, for sure but fun too. Why do I feel more comfortable writing boring papers about PM Methodology than photography or Christian Ed or something? Do I trust my knowledge of PM more than other things? It seems that PM stuff has absolutes, mostly black and white, it’s standard, so while there is room for innovation- most of it is set… and those other more creative endeavors are more personal, thus more risky. Not sure I’m up for risky right now, but when are we I suppose.
Well, I have a little time to think about a class so I shall do so.

Oh yeah, Harry Potter at 10AM!! Popcorn for breakfast!


Ok, hopefully this will turn into more than a pop-by but for this evening, that’s what it is. I was to walk with a friend tonight but she had to cancel and that’s ok.

I’m going to go heat up dinner – left-um over spaghetti and meatballs from the new place in the ‘hood. Pretty good. They’re not as good as Mrs. Sciaraffa’s (neighbor growing up) but they are not bad. Then I’m going to try to do some digging out of the office. It is in sad shape. I just step over stuff and I know that’s how shows like Clean House begin!

I need to do some cleaning and organizing and shredding of reams of paper – exactly when is this paperless society going to arrive? I did get the stocking mailed to Afghanistan today – yay! Did you know that the PO cuts you a deal when mailing to an APO?!?! Pretty nice if I say so. Mailed about 40 lbs of stuff for about $40… Its nice to check things off the to do list.

The next few weeks leading up to and through New Years is gonna fly by and I want to find some time to sit back and enjoy… Advent is a time to watch and wait but some years there is just no time. This year I will carve out a few minutes each day to do just that. How’s that for intentional thinking!

Ok, off to dinner – I’m wicked stah-vin. Nice popping-by. I’ll try to do so more often.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

M is home. Reading while sitting in her own bed. Ready to sleep in said bed.

She made the rounds before leaving the rehab hops, making sure to say good-bye to those who made her stay more than bearable. She even busted up a staff meeting to say good-bye to the aide who cared so well for her.

She had preconceived notions about RG before going there, others in the community had talked. Those notions were not proven to be true – AT ALL. The place was great, the care was very good, the food was good (she regained 5 lbs, she’d lost 10 in the hospital!).

She is exhausted this evening, having put everything away from her suitcase and other bags. I am thankful for all of the prayers, please keep them coming that the oral chemo drug is working it’s magic and shrinking those tumors.

With any luck, I’ll be be to get home on Friday and maybe experience a somewhat normal weekend.

Late on Election Night

I hate Election Night. I hate watching the returns, so i don’t. I hate that we are a society that is so hell bent on blaming the other guy instead of taking responsibility for our own actions and getting things done. I think elections and Election Night brings out the worst in people.
“We won!” We who? Unless you ran for office, you didn’t win anything! Your candidate may have won. You may have worked on a campaign but YOU didn’t win anything!
“We beat them!” Beat who? Who are “them/they?” that is usually saved for bad guys who’ve done something wrong – they stole my car, they ran a red light – you know, THEM!
I’m here to tell you folks, we’re all in this together, like it or not and if we don’t start acting like it and working things out – we ain’t seen nothing as far as bad times go! Maybe it’s always been like this, but it ain’t good.
I guess what I’ve done here is outline why I HATE POLITICS and most people who have anything to do with them. Ok, I don’t really hate the people, but don’t start talking politics with me, I’ll just go find something else to do.
I don’t really have a point to make I just hope folks figure it out and actually work together because working together, this place would just be even more awesome than it already is but then – who would we blame and for what?

been a while

but dare I say, life may be returning to its former state of normal – or something very close. More later, but after nearly six and a half weeks M will be out of the rehab hospital on Wednesday and back to her home. I shall hopefully get some of my evenings back to clean up this mess that is my house and get back to choir and the occasional din with friends. Here’s hopin’.