Ok, hopefully this will turn into more than a pop-by but for this evening, that’s what it is. I was to walk with a friend tonight but she had to cancel and that’s ok.

I’m going to go heat up dinner – left-um over spaghetti and meatballs from the new place in the ‘hood. Pretty good. They’re not as good as Mrs. Sciaraffa’s (neighbor growing up) but they are not bad. Then I’m going to try to do some digging out of the office. It is in sad shape. I just step over stuff and I know that’s how shows like Clean House begin!

I need to do some cleaning and organizing and shredding of reams of paper – exactly when is this paperless society going to arrive? I did get the stocking mailed to Afghanistan today – yay! Did you know that the PO cuts you a deal when mailing to an APO?!?! Pretty nice if I say so. Mailed about 40 lbs of stuff for about $40… Its nice to check things off the to do list.

The next few weeks leading up to and through New Years is gonna fly by and I want to find some time to sit back and enjoy… Advent is a time to watch and wait but some years there is just no time. This year I will carve out a few minutes each day to do just that. How’s that for intentional thinking!

Ok, off to dinner – I’m wicked stah-vin. Nice popping-by. I’ll try to do so more often.


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