$5.00 trip to Rome

I’ve been saving $5 bills for a couple/few months, probably early to mid December when C and I started talking about going to Rome. We leave on Thursday and I have already saved nearly a quarter of the airfare in $5 bills.

I read about a woman who took her family on vacation by saving $5 bills so I decided it was a good idea. It’s really easy, when you are given a $5 in change, don’t spend it (unless absolutely necessary). Over time, it really adds up!

Is there something you want to save money towards? Give this and try and see how quickly it adds up.

One thing that worked for me is putting the jar on a top shelf and just reaching up once a day and putting bills in the jar. Today I took the jar down because it was rather full. I counted the bills and had another hundred dollars…

I shall get back to #reverb10, but not today.

Happy New Year to all. Start saving and see where it will take you!

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