Um, thank you?

A random meeting set up by the boss, not something that happens often. Meeting subject – Topic. Text, wants to run something by me.

She starts with, “well, this battle has been going on for a while and well, your expertise is needed in another group.” She fought to keep me on the team for what turns out to be about five months – so, that’s nice to hear. The fighting was not – “No, you take her.” “No, you take her.” It was, we really need her here, but we need her as part of our team. So, that’s nice to hear.

As with everything, there are good points and not as good. I will miss my teammates. I get new teammates and that’ll be fun – I know them already.

Title, compensation, telework agreement remain in tact. They’ll continue to support my PMP professional certification.

I’ll get to do more of the troubleshooting, problem solving that I enjoy and less of the penny pinching, budget watching, annoying parts of project management that I don’t like. I think the plan may be for me to manage staff at some point in time… Not sure how I feel about that but also don’t have to decide anything yet.

Change is scary. That’s the sum total of the apprehension. Change is evil. I’m Epicopalian, we don’t take change easily; but i have a job where my expertise is appreciated and sought so i guess I can handle some change (if I have to).


One thought on “Um, thank you?

  1. Change is. It must be time to learn something new. And OF COURSE they fought over you.
    Hang in there, you’ll be great.

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