Coming Back

I’ve got so much running around in my brain, sleep is hard to come by but my goal is to come back to blogging this week.

I’ve started using the Project Life kit – need to catch up a few weeks.

My “One Little Word” project took a back seat, but it has been with me since I decided on the word. I’ll begin actually putting my album together – but I think I’ve been living my word since January.


Stay tuned… I will share the album pages and thoughts… and such.


Long Journey through Life

My Mum’s 80 year long journey through life and and two and a half year of life with cancer ended last evening at about 9:20PM. She is at rest and at peace. She suffers and struggles no more.

I am thankful to be her daughter. I am thankful for the innumerable gifts she gave me in my life.

She is at peace, and for that I am thankful.