(Queue the music) Me, and my shadow(s) (tappity, tap, tap)

The house is in shambles – a good bit of my Mum’s stuff has moved in. I will go through boxes and sort through papers and move, I’d say at least 50% of it back out – but for right now, it’s pretty bad.

The cats were ok until the bedroom furniture got switched around. Old stuff out in the hallway (thus I now walk sideways) and the (old) new stuff in the bedroom. I switched the drawers around last night after the new stuff arrived, but things are at sixes and sevens. I’ve not sat at my desk alone for the past two days. Here’s my current company (nice view I have):

I hope that once ALIVE comes on Saturday morning to take away the last of the “cargo furniture” from my house, and there’s some breathing room and running room for the kitties – they will settle back in to a routine.

Tonight is a late work night – there are a couple each year – loading some software… Need to be sure it goes well. Hopefully I shall be curled up (in my bed, not on the desk) very soon.

There are just about eight pieces of furniture left at Mum’s place and a couple of other things, then it is done. I could not have done it without the help of so many friends and my cousin the “slave driver” this past weekend. Without her visit and help and encouragement – I would not be meeting my goal of being done by the end of May. I will give up the parking space and hand over the keys on Tuesday morning. Someone has already reserved the unit, so I hope that they move in quickly and are very happy there.

Next challenge – clear out the stuff, then get to the business of finding out what’s next for me. Kinda weird feeling, but kinda cool – the opportunities are endless… I’m just beginning to realize that and it’s both scary and thrilling.


Shutter Sisters Prompt

Today’s Shutter Sisters post made me think immediately of this bit of graffiti. Yup, this makes me think everything seem right in the world – with a little smile too.

This was taken on our bus trip in Honduras, somewhere between San Pedro Sula and Copan. We were there on a mission trip for church and took a couple of days to tour Copan – a beautiful area… We loved this sign painted on the rocks approaching San Pedro Sula.

One Little Word – Embrace

This is a class offered by Big Picture Classes and the class is led by Ali Edwards. I’ve taken a few of their classes and they are really good. Ali has blogged about the One Little Word project for a couple of years (I read her blog at aliedwards.com) and have had a word upon which I thought, meditated, prayed and acted for a couple of years. Now, she has developed a class around it… I signed up in December and then January came and things got crazy in my life. I have been reading the digesting the lessons and such but yesterday started the class – at the beginning. So, below is my photo for January.

Ali wants the album to begin with a photo of self – and I decided this was the one for me. This was taken in Rome at the Trevi Fountain by C – the trip was magical. We ate and walked and ate and walked and… well, you get the idea.

This is also my first time playing (successfully) with layers in Photoshop. I even changed the color of the overlay! It was black, and that just wouldn’t work on this photo. I’ve printed this and it is in the beginning of my album…

I will share more bits and pieces about my word and the class as I move through the lessons. I expect that I will catch up before the year is over. Even though I’ve not been putting the album together – I think I’ve been living my word. “Embrace” – it was a word that sort of picked me. At this point, I can’t even think of what the others words on my list were…